Cardinal Sin. Great guy. Might be Pope one day.

February 5, 2010 at 11:15 am | Posted in Ramblings | Leave a comment

So, I think my last blog entry may have broken a cardinal rule of blogging. I know, I know, you’re saying “but, Panicky, you don’t care about blog etiquette.” Well you’re right. But I feel the need to express what the sin was before you cajole me into shaking my fist at Blogland, USA.

Case in point, my last blog entry was too long. It was over 1100 words I think. If you’re gonna spend that much time reading what anyone has to say, it should either be in the Wall Street Journal or in a book. You remember what a book is right? They were the things people read before blogging came out. Remember? It’s like a really, really long Tweet.

I don’t think people like to read things that are any longer than about a paragraph long these days. I’m pretty sure Eddie Izzard did a stand-up bit about it. He talked about Wikipedia, and for an example, he talked about somebody looking up Helicopters, and you read the first two lines and go “eh… ooh! Rotors!” And then you click that and get bored after a couple of lines and then you click Cocker Spaniels, and then Jam, and then Diphtheria, and then you click a link that doesn’t go anywhere, which is just a tease. And then before you know it you’re on Plato’s Seventh Book of the Republic. Guess that just means we’re a lazy lot. I’ll try to contain all this razor sharp wit in something you can quickly read while eating your ramen with Oprah in the background, or whatever it is you kids are doing these days.


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