Initiate a Pavlovian response in me, if necessary.

January 31, 2010 at 10:35 pm | Posted in Ramblings | Leave a comment

One final note this day: if I am ever out with any of you (my friends, or those I stalk unhealthily) and I say “man, I’m gonna go home and blog about this,” I want you to do me a favor:

Hurt me.

Not permanently; I’ve got bills to pay. And not in the face; that’s the money-maker. But just enough so I know that, if the thought should ever cross my mind again, I’ll have an instinctual aversive reaction. Like a dog who runs and hides when he sees the dog carrier because he knows he’s going to the veterinarian. Something Pavlovian. Or anti-Pavlovian, perhaps? That dog knows what’s coming. And so will I.

P.S. The reason I used a dog in my analogy is because I didn’t want to use a cat. I like cats way more than I like dogs, so the thought of a dog being afraid of the vet is slightly less saddening to me than a cat being afraid of the vet. The More You Know (cue rainbow).

P.P.S. For the grand total of 0 of you who read this, my first post was not actually posted on January 6th, it was posted today, I just edited the first post WordPress puts up for you. That’s just me shaking my fist at the man.


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