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January 6, 2010 at 12:14 am | Posted in Ramblings | Leave a comment

WordPress decided it wanted my blog’s first title to be “Hello world!” I decided I wanted something more clever. Voi-fucking-la! I hope cussing is allowed.

Okay, so blogging was not my idea. In fact I’ve always sort of had a contempt for bloggers; I always figured I would espouse my ideas the old fashioned way: through a computer, like Plato and Descartes and Nietzsche before me (I’ve heard they could bang out 70+ letters a minute). But my loving girlfriend decided she wanted to pursue the blogging avenue, and low and behold I was actually impressed. Not because she’s my girlfriend, but because it was actually good; she had a theme and something interesting to say. She has also repeatedly told me that a blog would be a good idea for me. Taking her advice, I’ve decided not to ignore any avenue that would help me get the word out about how awesome I am. And by awesome, I mean self-aggrandizing.

The idea for the name of this blog came from me, as it is what I call myself when I get into awkward social situations. At least I think I got it from me. I mean, I can never tell anymore; I listen to so many funny people tell their jokes that it could have come from someone else. So if you see this, and feel as though “Panicky Vaudevillian” belongs to you, my apologies. Your anger may be alleviated when I tell you I will likely never benefit monetarily from this blog and in fact, you may want to disavow that you ever unintentionally helped me one day.

So my plan is to update every so often when I remember to. It’ll take me a little while to find out what I can actually do to make this blog not look like crap. The more challenging part of updating is to make the updates either A. original or 2. interesting. Preferably both A. and 2. Wait a minute…


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